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Morrisville Commissioners Approve Massive Park West Village Project
Monday, January 28, 2008
Broadcast on WNCN-NBC-17 news by Reporter Chris Cowperthwaite
Morrisville, NC — The biggest mixed-use development in the history of Morrisville got the green light Monday night from town commissioners. Park West Village will be going in at the corner of Cary Parkway and Highway 54, and will be comparable in size to North Hills or Cameron Village. Commissioners voting for the project cited the quality of the proposed development, the improvements to the roads all around it, and the fact that now they don't have to worry about what else could go into that land, which was zoned industrial. With a 5-2 vote, Park West got the go ahead and a round of applause from supporters. "Now I will have something to show off when I show them Morrisville," said real estate agent Jo Anne Sturdevant, one of the many people who came out to support the project. She says it will play a big role in giving Morrisville an identity. Disappointed opponents say they're still worried about what something that big will do to an area already choked with traffic. They gathered hundreds of signatures for a petition against Park West, to no avail. "I would assume, as do those 850 other people that joined me in asking the commissioners to deny it, that we'll see some significant traffic issues coming out of this," said Morrisville resident Jackie Holcombe. Developers say they hope to start getting the first permits approved this spring, and they want everything finished and open for business in about a year and a half. "This is actually the beginning, not the end," said Connell Radcliff, president of 1st Carolina Properties. "It seems like the end somewhat, but it's actually the beginning for us." Radcliff says he was pleasantly surprised with the 5-2 vote, and has been excited about working with town officials to put together something they could agree on. 1st Carolina Properties has almost finished demolishing the old factory that was on site beforehand.

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